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My style has evolved a whole lot over the past few years. I was definitely a “more is more” kind of girl. Think bold colors,  vivid patterns and as much jewelry as I could stack on. Fast forward to a few years ago, minimalism made its way into my life and my wardrobe. The need to simplify my life impacted even my personal style. When I look at my Instagram feed, I realize in almost every outfit on my most recent photos, I have some element of white, or black, or both. I  actually have to stop myself from buying white or black items and make a conscious effort to inject some color into my wardrobe. “My life is already very colorful why do I need any more color in my outfits?”, is what I cheekily tell myself. Today, I truly believe “less is more” and although my style is still evolving, I feel like I’ve finally nailed down exactly what I would describe as my personal style. Who knows? It may change tomorrow. But as of right now it is minimal, modern and sophisticated, with a feminine aesthetic.


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Your personal style is what defines you. It’s an expression of yourself, not only through clothes. It’s how you carry yourself, what you wear, the way you dress. There are a few things that helped me nail down what my personal is and I hope you find these tips useful if you are struggling with defining yours.


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If someone asked you to describe your style, what are the first three words that come to mind? Is it bold, classic, professional, girly, or edgy? What 3 words do you think of first when asked this question? Figure out exactly what those words are. Really dig deep and pin down those that feel truest to who you are and what you like.


Zara poplin shirt

5 ways to define your personal style

What is personal style




Thanks to social media, most people now have a catalogue of pictures they can look at to note how their style has evolved over the years. Usually, your most recent pictures are a good representation of what you like at the moment so go through old pictures and take note of those things that have remained constant over the years. Is it the color yellow, or wide leg pants, or girly dresses? There is a reason you tend to lean towards a particular thing and it is important to figure out what that thing is when trying to define your personal style.

What is personal style?

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When shopping for an item, I always make sure I go for pieces that i’m most comfortable in. You always want to start with basic pieces and then build up from there. Imagine spending ridiculous amounts of money(whatever that means for you) on an item, only to discover later that you don’t like it as much as you did when you first bought it. Yeah i’ve been a victim and let me tell you it is not a pleasant feeling. So if you’re still trying to define your style, start with basics like jeans, t-shirts, leggings, and pick out colors and cuts that you like. You need these in your wardrobe because they act as a canvas for you to build on.


Zara poplin shirt



How to define your personal style

How to define your personal style


If you have number 1, 2 and 3 down, your work is pretty much half done. Use those key words you came up with to describe your style and shop for pieces that could be best described by those words. For example, if professional was one of your key words, go for things like tailored pants, a crisp white shirt, a well fitted blazer. And if edgy was one of your key words, go for more grungy dark pieces like leather pants, leather jackets, items with studs. For my girly girls, add in some more floral pieces, some tulle skirts, ruffle dresses and soft colors. These special pieces are the items you can spend a little more money on.


How to define your personal style



I feel most confident in oversized pieces. Whatever that is for you, I say go for it. In my book there is really no limit. Anything you feel comfortable in should be what you should be wearing because only then will you feel your most confident.


How to define your personal style


It’ll be interesting to find out what your personal style is. How did you discover it? Drop me a note in the comments. And also message me if you need help in this area.




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