5 ways to build your confidence through personal style


How to build confidence through personal style


Do you remember a time in your life when it seemed like you could do anything? Be anything you wanted to be? When it felt like nothing was impossible? And then, just like that, someone you loved said something to you which had a profound impact on your confidence negatively. You started having all these doubts about yourself, thinking you’re not good enough. Made up all these thoughts in your head and as time went along you completely lost your self confidence. Do you remember?


Flared velvet pants



Truth is, most of us have struggled with self confidence at some point in our lives. The years go by, we get older and life throws all these curve balls at us and someday we wake up, realizing we’re not at our most confident anymore. We start feeling like not being good enough. I have been a pretty confident person my whole life, and at those times i’ve struggled with my confidence, which have been many i’ll tell you that, a lot of things have helped me get by, the biggest being my personal style and meditation, which i’ll talk about in another post. What we’re focusing on here is how to use personal style to help build self confidence.  I can’t stress enough how important your personal style is. It shows the world who you are, or who you want to be. It is a reflection of your attitude, how you feel. Tell me you didn’t automatically feel better when you felt like you “slayed” that dress for that occasion. I know I did. So here are the various ways I use my personal style to build my self confidence and I hope some of these tips can help anyone out there struggling with their confidence at this time.
Flared velvet suit


How to build confidence



This is perhaps the most important. How you look, research has shown, has a direct impact on how you feel. Shower and shave on a regular basis. Do your hair. Visit the nail salon and get that manicure you’ve been dying to try. Take time out of your day to make yourself look presentable. These might seem like small, or simple things to do but they have a dramatic impact on your self confidence. In my experience, the moments I neglected my appearance are the moments I felt the least confident. You know, you work all day, and then feel like you are too tired to make an effort. No. Make that effort. It’ll drastically and almost instantly make you feel better.


Black pant suit



Try to pin down a few items you are really comfortable in or think about pieces you feel the most sexy and pretty in and add unto that. This varies for everyone. Some people are really petite with great figures but would rather be in a baggy shirt(like me) and some people prefer really form fitting clothing. Others ,like me, love black or neutral tones and some prefer really colorful loud clothing. Whatever you feel the most comfortable in, wear it. Do not confuse this with dressing for your body type. I personally don’t believe in dressing a certain way just because you’re a particular weight. You do not necessarily have to spend thousands on an outfit or wear something just because everyone else is, or because that’s what your boyfriend likes.  Just wear what makes you feel good and ready to face the world.




Take a few minutes when you wake up every morning to reflect on what exactly you’re feeling at that particular time and if you do not like how you’re feeling,  try to imagine what you would rather feel like. Then style your outfit around that. For example, I chose to wear this black velvet suit because at this point in my life, I feel powerful, and strong and this suit is a good reflection of that.

how to wear a long pant suit

The velvet trend



I’m using the word icon here loosely. Whether that’s a friend, or an actress on tv or that blogger you truly admire, take inspiration from them. I want Victoria Beckham’s closet. All of it. When I can afford it obviously. Don’t be afraid to go up to someone and ask where they got that purse from. I do this all the time. Oh trust me if I see something I like, I hunt it down until it’s finally in my closet. Create a folder online where you save your favorite outfits and on days where you need some inspiration, just refer to that folder. I try to add links to all the items I wear on my posts and Instagram when I can find them and if not, i take a lot of time to look for really similar items and link them. Always visit the “SHOP” page if you need links for anything.I do the hard work so you don’t have to.


Black pant velvet suit



Black Velvet Blazer. Love this here and here

Black velvet flared pants here. Also love this here

Black bodysuit here and here and here

Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick here.

Perspex heels here. Also love this here , here and here

Flared pants and black blazer

Black velvet flared pants, black velvet blazer

Mac Ruby Woo lipstick



This is quite simple. If you like your legs, show them. Wear that short skirt or pants that elongates them even more. If your favorite thing about you is your figure, by all means accentuate those curves. Your décolletage could be your favorite part of your body. Find that really banging sweetheart dress and wear it.  Life is too short. Have fun.


Black bodysuit
Velvet pant suit


I would love to know if any of these tips work for you and how you exude confidence through what you wear





Black Velvet Blazer. Love this here and here

Black velvet flared pants here. Also love this here

Black bodysuit here and here and here

Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick here.

Perspex heels here. Also love this here , here and here

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